What is the Lighthouse Program?

The Lighthouse program is a combination of set schedules, work responsibilities, Biblical counselling and instruction, private education, athletics, extra-curricular activities, family visits, music training and performance, and community involvement – all in an environment of love and structure. We are above all a Christian home and that spiritual emphasis runs through every phase of the program. The girls are required to attend church, maintain personal devotions, memorize Scripture, and gospel music is all that the girls sing. All counseling is done from a Christian, Biblical perspective, and all school, dorm, and administrative personnel are experienced counselors.

If you would be interested in more information you can contact the Lighthouse at 850-877-3778.

If you are a parent or legal guardian interested in possibly placing a young lady (13-17) with the Lighthouse, please click on the Application link to submit a no-obligation application. Once it is received and reviewed you will be contacted.