What is Adopt-A-Teen?

We have been asked many times if we really mean for people to adopt these young ladies into their homes. In some cases this may be what is needed, but this is not the goal of our Adopt-A-Teen program. This program was developed to help The Lighthouse Children’s Home meet the needs of the young ladies who live and learn in their facilities. Most of the young ladies that come to The Lighthouse have no one to fully cover the financial costs of their education, food, clothing, doctor bills, and so on. The Lighthouse spends approximately $1200 per month to support each young person who resides on their property. To underwrite this staggering sum we have developed the Adopt-A-Teen program.

What exactly can I do?

You can “Adopt-A-Teen” by sending $20 per month to The Lighthouse Children’s Home. Your monthly gift will help The Lighthouse meet the ever growing financial needs of caring for these children. If just 60 people would send $20 per month one girls expenses would be paid in full. To join the Adopt-A-Teen program click here for a printable form and enrollment information. You can send your first month’s $20 pledge with your form, or you can send your $240 pledge for the entire year.

What do I get out of it?

As soon as The Lighthouse receives your enrollment form and initial pledge we will send you an entire “Adoption Packet” which includes a 4×6 picture of your “adopted teen”, a data sheet giving personal information about your teen, and a beautiful Certificate of Adoption that you can frame and display in you home or office. You will also receive a personal letter from “your” teen and you will then be able to correspond with her on your own.