Financial Support


We receive no state or federal funding and are totally dependent upon the contributions of the parent/guardian and from donations by individuals, churches, and corporations.

Cost of Care

We have never refused to admit a girl based solely on financial reasons. As such, our fees are set up on a sliding scale based on a family’s ability to pay. If you are interested, please call our office to set up an interview – (850) 877-3778, and ask for the Executive Director, Brad Mansell.


The Lighthouse also has the Adopt-A-Teen Program, which individuals or groups such as a Sunday School class can sign up for. Adopt-A-Teens support the Lighthouse for $20 per month in the name of one of our girls. The sponsored girl will correspond with her Adopt-A-Teen and her sponsor can also come to the Lighthouse for an occasional visit with her. Those who participate in this program have the option of paying monthly or giving a once a year donation.