Registration and Affiliation

The Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies is the inspecting and registering authority in the state of Florida for Christian-based children’s homes, and certain other ministries involved in the care and nurturing of children in a Christian environment. FACCCA operates under the provision of Florida Statute 409.176 which was instituted in 1984. This provision allows faith-based childcare providers to elect FACCCA registration as an alternative to state licensing. All organizations seeking FACCCA registration must comply with the regulations set forth by Florida Statute as well as the standards established by FACCCA. Currently there are more than 20 registered member organizations and associate members.

In order to ensure that these standards are maintained, and more importantly that every child in our care is safe and secure, the FACCCA Board of Directors and administrators work closely with each member organization to provide training, advice, supervision and support.

Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies, Inc.
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