My sister had a friend that sent his daughter to Lighthouse and said that it did wonders for his daughter. So, I called and made the appointment to see the campus and meet Bro. Rhoads, the staff, and the girls. Within a few months I saw a change in her, a good change. She actually liked being around me and enjoyed my company when we visited. She was very appreciative of everything, not taking anything for granted and not once displaying that attitude of entitlement that I used to get all the time. And with each visit, I saw more and more change in her and she even taught me so much as well during this time. My daughter would send me scriptures and taught me so much about prayer and how I could change (improve) my life if I chose to live a more Godly life and she was right. I read the Bible everyday now, I pray in the morning, in the middle of the day and before I go to sleep. I have returned to my church and attend on Sundays again. Sending my daughter to the Lighthouse may have been the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but it was the best thing not only for her, but for our entire family. My once very strained marriage has improved drastically and the way I look at everything now has changed and I know that now she has a happy and Godly home to come home to and I can’t thank God and Lighthouse enough for this gift.
From Louisiana

God has blessed my husband and me with three precious girls to raise. Within the past year, circumstances in our family really took their toll on all of us, especially our oldest daughter. She had always shown signs of disobedience in small things, telling her father and me how stupid our rules are and how she can’t wait to get out on her own, but I never thought she actually meant it. I always felt that she would change her mind as she got older and realize that we only have rules because we care. When she turned 16, we allowed her to get a job, not realizing the downward spiral she would take. She has always been a very loyal friend to those she chose as her closest companions; at her job, she gave loyalty to those who took advantage of her, did not deserve her friendship, and even put her life in danger. Her ‘friends’ convinced her that on her 17th birthday she could move out and there was nothing that we could do about it. In her defiant state, she told me that she was planning to leave home after her birthday. We asked her if she would consider going to the Lighthouse, and she agreed that anywhere would be better than home. We took her to the Lighthouse two weeks before her 17th birthday, and we have been amazed at the work God is doing in her life. It is so great to see her trust in God grow and to know that she is now experiencing the goodness of God for herself. God has truly blessed her and given her a burden to help others avoid the path she was on. I am thankful that God worked things out for her just in time to avoid a lifetime of regrettable actions. We are very excited to see how God is going to use her.
From South Carolina

As a proud Father of a recent graduate of the Lighthouse Childrens Home, how can one say enough. When darkness and clouds obscure a childs view a parent looks for answers to get them through. When all seems hopeless, there’s a light on for that child, and it grows brighter and brighter. Light Houses are known for their help across America-This one never turns it’s light off to guide a child back home. My sincere appreciation to Bro. Ken and all the staff at the Lighthouse.
From Florida

My Daughter is truly changing and growing in the Lord; that is the biggest and best change that I have noticed. Her standards as a young Lady are improving greatly.
From North Carolina

Thanks to the Lighthouse Children’s Home for your wonderful ministry to help teenage girls. My granddaughter recently returned home after being in your program. It has been amazing to see the transformation of a young girl who had been struggling for so long. We are so thankful for her new friend, Jesus Christ, who is responsible for this amazing transformation. She has decided to use her God given talent of singing to bless and minister to others as she continues to travel and sing with this great group of girls. Thank you, Brother Billy Hudson, Brother Ken Rhoads, and all the wonderful Lighthouse staff for your love and support you have shown our family. Most of all, thank you for sharing the Word of God to these beautiful girls.
From Florida