Financial Support

One-time gift or monthly recurring support.



A more personalized way to support the home.

Donation Pick-up

Appliances, vehicles, lightly-used furniture. Tax-deductible.

A Trusted Reputation

Bro. Billy Hudson – President

Our co-founder and current President, Bro. Billy Hudson is a retired law enforcement officer and has never taken a salary from the Home.

The Lighthouse Children’s Home has been in operation since 1977, having deep roots and partnerships in the Tallahassee community for all these years.

How are we funded?

We receive no state or federal funding and are totally dependent upon contributions from parents/guardians and from donations by individuals, churches, and corporations.

Cost of Care

We have never refused to admit a girl based on financial reasons. Our fees are set up on a sliding scale based on a family’s ability to pay. 

How is my donation used?

Monetary donations go directly into the home towards the needs of the girls, the facilities, and administrative costs.

Furniture, vehicles, appliances, and other items go into one of our thrift stores or car sales to be sold and all the funds are channeled back into the Home to be used as mentioned above.

Needs List

Are you looking for an excuse to come out and see us? If you’re wanting to physically bring us items to help the girls, we have a list of things we frequently use (and run out of!)

More Options?

Maybe you want to help but don’t see what you had in mind on this page. Or maybe you’d like to know if there’s a pressing need we haven’t had time to address here. Maybe you just want to chat!

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