Our Program

The Lighthouse program is a combination of structured schedules and work responsibilities, Christian counselling, quality education, athletics, extra-curricular activities, family visits, music training and performance, and community involvement - all in a conservative Christian environment of love.  Please follow the links below for more specific information and call us if you have any more questions.

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The Lighthouse program is based on our C.O.R.E. beliefs:

C - Christ.
As a Christian home this is our primary emphasis. The Lord alone is the great changer of hearts, lives, and attitudes. The girls attend church every week as well as chapel services and devotion times both in the school and dorm. The girls are required to memorize a number of Scriptures every month. All of the counseling for the girls is done from a pastoral and spiritual perspective. This spiritual emphasis also includes a ministry of singing (gospel music and hymns only). The girls travel and sing all year throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Through the years the Lighthouse has made several recordings.
O - Obedience
The Lighthouse program focuses constantly on the issues of being respectful and obedient to authority - . We teach obedience is doing exactly what you are told to do, when you are told to do it, the way you are told to do it, with your best effort, and with the right heart attitude.
R - Responsibility
In addition to their schooling, all of the girls are given jobs and chores to do every morning, evening, and even in the school. All of their job tasks are evaluated and scored and their levels of privilege or restriction are directly affected by their work performance. This means ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions as well as their attitude.
E - Education
The girls attend school on campus. Our school uses both the online Florida Virtual School (and accredited curriculum) and the A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum, with whom we have achieved "Quality" status and accreditation. We also uses individual tutoring.. Many of our girls have graduated from the Lighthouse and gone on to college. The Lighthouse also has a college scholarship program.

For more specific information about our program please contact the Executive Director Ken Rhoads at (850) 877-3778.